Bring faith in action to your life and career ahead

Veta Together

a Christian Year 11 or 12 VET course 

focused on practical faith in action.

Veta Together provides you the opportunity to grow in your Christian faith whilst working toward your academic goals. Based on an action/reflection model of learning, Veta Together allows you to not just learn about theology, but to put it into practice in your day to day life.

What is Veta Together?

Veta Together is an alternative to Veta Morphus with a stronger focus on the faith in action component. The course is designed especially for students interested in volunteering to learn additional skills and recognise their current skills, while volunteering in a ministry placement of their choice.

It is a practical course and is a little less time intensive for those who are managing lots of commitments or prefer a more hands-on learning style. It is a VET course that you can take as one of your Year 11 or 12 subjects and includes a Certificate II in Active Volunteering (CHC24015). It can be run through your school or by your church.

Experience deeper faith

Enroll in Veta Together as a VET subject and you can continue to focus on building your faith, serving your community, and spending time with like-minded friends. No need to stop your life for Year 11 and 12!

Discover your passion and calling

The Certificate II in Active Volunteering (CHC24015) opens the door to further study or directly to many work and service opportunities. Veta Together has been the launch pad for successful careers in ministry, youth work, missions, education, social enterprise, aid and development and more.

Contribution to Senior School Certificate and ATAR

Yes! Beyond the positive effect on your head space and focus, Veta Together counts as one of your Year 11 or 12 subjects. In addition you will achieve a Certificate II in Active Volunteering (CHC24015).

Honour your faith traditions, shape to your context

Veta Together has successfully worked in all major Christian denominations because of its focus on the Bible and adaptability to honour your faith traditions. We provide the framework which is shaped to the particular denomination or context you’re in.

Support when you need it most

No one ever said Year 11 and 12 would be easy. But having a mentor, a group of God focused friends and space in your week to nourish your faith really helps.


On successful completion of Veta Together, students receive a nationally accredited qualification, the Certificate II in Active Volunterring(CHC24015). This qualification is provided through the Australian Centre for Advanced Studies Inc. National RTO #50392.

Student Experience

Students engage in 6 key learning experiences:

Ministry Placement

This is faith in action. Choose where you want to serve, whether at school, your church or in the wider community. Discover and grow in your God given gifts and passions whilst developing your heart to serve.


Come together with young people from across your state for transformational experiences of friendship, adventure and connection with God.


Peer Groups

Meet weekly with a small group of peers and a leader with a focus on seeking truth, friendship and engaging with the Bible. A supportive place for thoughtful questioning as you grow in experience and understanding of the way of Christ.


Veta Morphus facilitates one on one mentors to provide you with support and guidance as you navigate this significant stage of life.

Bible Engagement

Learn different ways to participate in the story of God and develop a real hunger for it. You’ll deepen your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and what it means to live it out in daily life.

Christian Community

Gather together in Christian community, discover what it means to part of the Body of Christ.

Want to be part of Veta Together?

Contact your Local State Coordinator or complete the enquiry form to arrange a chat and find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Veta Together fit in the timetable?

Veta Youth is committed to working with you to find the best way to implement Veta Together in your context. That said, a number of models are possible including:

  • Timetabled Elective Program
  • Run outside of School hours
  • In conjunction with another Provider, for example local church

Veta Together is usually run as part of the Veta Morphus program so no need for additional Peer Groups or timetabling.

  • Small-group/discipleship resource: Veta Together is a complete ‘package’ of curriculum, leadership-support and combined events that releases you to focus on meaningful relationships and helping students make sense of their fragmented world. It can be delivered in any time and location allocated for student meetings.
How is it funded?

Veta Youth is committed to working with you to ensure that authentic Christian learning is accessible and affordable for everyone.  Some options include:

  • Parent Fees: Parents will normally expect to pay the student fee as this covers costs directly incurred in delivering the student experience. Some schools and churches may subsidise this fee to increase student access
  • Global Budget: Schools that place a high priority on Christian nurture of students may wish to include some or all of the costs into their overall budget.
  • Scholarships: Organisations and individuals may contribute towards student-scholarships.  Check with your local provider for availaibility/eligibility
  • School/Church Partnerships: Churches and schools may partner together to ameliorate the cost impact on students.
What if we only have a small group of students?

Veta Morphus can be delivered with as few as three students and one leader. That said, smaller groups are encouraged to reach out to new students by:

  • Promoting the course to others in the school and local community  through information evenings, personal invitation
  • Reproducing Peer Groups at different times and locations
  • Working together with other Christian groups to share resources and bring students together eg. Churches in a local area, denomination or network working with their local school.

Online Peer Groups

An online Peer Group is available to any student who is not able to participate in a group that meets physically. Whilst it is always preferable to participate in a group that meets physically, our online students continue to give very positive feedback abou ttheir experience and the friendships that they make online..

Whatever your starting-point, Veta Youth will work with you to establish an effective, sustainable ministry for young people in your local context.

Where do we find Peer Group Supervisors?

Peer Group Supervisors come from all ages and stages of life – from their late teens right up to their sixties and beyond. Many have led peer groups for over ten years. They are simply Christian people with a mature faith and a love for young people.

Being equipped to disciple their youth and see an outworking of genuine faith means they are much more likely to sign up in the first place, remain motivated, and then stay for the long haul.  They may be:

  • Staff –teachers, ministers, youth ministers, chaplains and support staff
  • Volunteers – parents, youth leaders, church members
  • Interns/Students – university students, in particular Veta Morphus graduates

Veta Morphus takes the pressure off teachers and leaders, allowing them to make the most of their precious time with young people.

How does Veta Morphus impact a students final result?

Veta Together has a positive impact on year 11 and 12 students in ensuring they are well supported with peers and mentors, and looking after themselves holistically.

Beyond that, the way that VET courses are scored varies from state to state.

For more information on how the score is calculated in your State, download our Schools Information PDF.

How to get started

Sign up as a Veta Together Provider:

  1. Complete the Veta Together Licensed Provider Agreement
  2. Contribute the relevant fee towards the student experience
  3. Meet with State Coordinator to develop your implementation plan

Implement Veta Together:

  • Schedule a recommended 60-90 minute per-week peer group meeting time
  • Appoint Peer Group Supervisor/s
  • Enrol students
  • Partner with Veta Youth to take students on a genuine journey of faith in Jesus

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