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Veta Morphus has become the highlight of my week. I love journeying with the students and seeing them be challenged and grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Jess Kennedy

Youth Worker, Immanuel College

Veta Morphus is an awesome journey for students to experience. It’s relational, practical and empowering – it shows them how they are ready and able to lead, serve and make a difference now. Veta Morphus shows them they are the generation that God’s willing and ready to work through.

Mike Stoodley

Chaplain, Cornerstone College

The ability to learn more about my faith as part of my senior schooling studies has been amazing. The ability to do this course within a public school is testament to what this course is all about. It truly has been life changing!


Student, Aberfoyle Park High School

I loved having the opportunity to make my faith part of school and the rest of my life. I loved learning more about the bible and relating it to my life.


Student, Faith Lutheran School

Veta Morphus encouraged a real sense of community and support at retreats and in the peer group. A real sense of openness and trust was present.


Student, ASMS, Flinders University

Veta Morphus changes kid’s lives!

Paul Fielke

School Pastor, Immanuel College

“I really wanted to write to you this morning to thank you so much for the valuable tool Veta Morphus has been in Stephie and Andrew’s lives. Andrew exclaimed recently, “Veta Morphus has been the best thing Stephie and I could ever have done and you must make sure the other two girls do it too, Mum. It has put legs on our faith.” And it truly has. Stephie now lives down the coast. The valuable experience she gained whilst doing her Veta certificate has equipped her to serve in amazing ways. Not only were the modules great, but the propulsion into service/leading has not come to an end. She now leads youth groups in her Church on the coast and God has put her in the most beautiful of professions – looking after the marginalised. “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me,” said Jesus. Well, Stephie has been given a heart of huge love for the elderly, especially those with dementia and extreme difficulties and she works with them every day. Isn’t that amazing? The love and grace of God. And it all began with doing Veta Morphus”


Parent, Queensland

“Undertaking Vetamorphus in 2004 was one of the most transformational and holistically educational experiences of my life. Following VCE, I completed a BA/BTheol (Monash/Uni. of Divinity) and am now engaged in post graduate research as a pathway into doctoral studies in the area of theology. I am also tutoring and lecturing at a tertiary level at the same time. Vetamorphus was the pivot point of this journey. It empowered me to ask questions fearlessly, and so to think honestly and perseveringly; it was the strongest education I received in critical thinking. In fact, I could not emphasise its’ positive impact on my tertiary education and vocational experience—and approach to all of life as a learner—more strongly.”

Sarah Backholer

Lecturer, Stirling College, University of Divinity

Veta Neo is a creative, fun, real and in-depth way of exploring the Christian faith with young people. Each week, our gathering invites the teens into reflection, discussion and a way of integrating their faith in their everyday life. Josh and I find Veta Neo is a gift to our youth ministry in terms of resources, support from the Veta Team, and the creative way we can explore Scripture, and all see it alive in our lives today. The invitation to journalling, mission and actions outside of the Veta meetings helps bring faith into their everyday lives.

The teens in our group love Veta Neo because of the rich discussion, exploration, consistency and fun it brings to their lives. They also appreciate how we all are seeking to work out this life stuff together, the teens and their leaders. Josh and I have noticed that everyone in our group (including ourselves) are becoming more serious, committed and finding more joy in our faith the further we go along. I would recommend it to all youth ministries as we are seeing the joy, learnings and blessing it is to the teens in our community.

Laura Young

Youth Minister, Boronia Church of Christ

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