Authentic Christian learning for students in years 7-10


Veta Neo


We want to see an overflow of genuine faith in Jesus shown in young people’s lives. Veta Neo equips teachers and leaders to support the Christian growth their year 7-10 youth. Veta Neo can be run through a church youth group or as a school subject.

Veta Neo is a gift to our youth ministry in terms of resources, support from the Veta Team, and the creative way we can explore Scripture, and all see it alive in our lives today. The teens in our group love Veta Neo because of the rich discussion, exploration, consistency and fun it brings to their lives…

Laura Young

Youth Minister, Boronia Church of Christ

I like the accessibility to people at all stages of faith.  There is always a takeaway message, challenge or encouragement for everyone… For me, to learn how to show that life and faith are not mutually exclusive but completely intertwined has been priceless…

Tim Baker

Bayside Christian College, Victoria

What Students are Saying

Veta Neo is fun and engaging and it has changed me and how I see the world.  I am now reading the bible every night before bed.

Getting to learn about God’s power with my friends and having it online make sit more engaging.

I found the Bible interesting after finding it boring for 6 years

Veta neo has helped me to become more engaged with Christian Studies, and more interested in the Bible and knowing about Jesus’ story. It has made me think about my faith and want to know so much more.

Engages year 7-10 students

Whether your young people are raised in Christian homes, or exploring faith for the first time, Veta Neo invites all to jump in and experience God for themselves. We focus on engaging young people to think critically, interact with the story of God through the bible, and build strong relationships.

Less entertainment, more depth & rich experience

Young people want to figure out who they are; to be known and loved. Veta Neo helps leaders and teachers to create space for relationships and a real focus on identity and purpose.

Clarity and purpose

It’s hard to be successful when you don’t know where you are headed. Veta Neo provides a structure and framework for curriculum from year 7 to 10. You can effectively take young people on a journey and provide consistency especially when leaders/teachers inevitably come and go.

Connects family, church & school

Veta Youth is focused on the whole person and ensuring there are strong links between family, school and church.

Supports leaders with friends for the road

Having the big picture, and the steps and tools to implement it, takes the pressure off leaders and teachers, allowing them to make the most of the precious time available with their young people. Veta Youth offers training, ongoing support, resources and ways to connect with other Veta leaders.

Child Safe registered

Veta Youth is registered with Child Safe and can support leaders in child safety.

Student Experience


Bible Curriculum

A complete year 7-10 curriculum of weekly bible workshops is available, with the option for you to develop specialised units of work.

Bible workshops are organised into term-long ‘bible-journeys’ that cover various themes, with a focus on a different spiritual practise each term.

Opportunities for In-depth learning and high-order thinking are provided through ‘projects’, where students engage with a theme or topic over a semester.

Contact us to receive an overview of the Veta Curriculum.

Online Delivery

Veta Neo is delivered via our online learning platform ‘Canvas’.

Students log in to complete their learning exercises, and teachers have access to all student work in an easy to manage system.

Teachers can support student learning through feedback and accountability, with student records simple to maintain and easy to access online and on any device.

Award Challenges

Students engage in real-life, hands on experience by completing a series of challenges in the following areas:

Mission – Sharing God’s love with the world

Action – Caring for their bodies as gifts from God

Devotion – Using their gifts and talents to glorify God

Encounter – Experiencing God through creation

Students plan for, record, and evaluate their experiences in their online Award Record Book


Student achievements are celebrated with a series of certificates that culminate in Australia’s top youth award, the Queen’s Badge.

Official certificates are created locally through Veta Neo’s ‘Certificate Generator’.

At the end of each term, teachers simply download student results from our online learning platform and the ‘Certificate Generator’ will print individual certificates for every student who has completed a challenge or an award level.  No need to check through student books as all records are maintained centrally and updated automatically as work is completed and assessed.

Leaders’ Support

We provide perspective, tools and guidance so you can see your students flourish. Support for leaders includes:

You will be connected to our Veta Coordinator in your region who will help you to get established and then provide support to ensure your ongoing success and optimise the student experience.

Support will include:

1.   Initial Set-Up
Your Veta Coordinator will guide you through the Veta Neo and work with you to get everything set up before you begin.

2.   Ongoing Support
Your Veta Coordinator is available to call or email with any questions you may have about Veta Neo

3.    Networking
Your Veta Coordinator will provide opportunities to connect with other teachers and leaders who are delivering Veta Neo so you can share ideas and give feedback.

4.   Continual Improvement
Through a regular cycle of feedback and review, your needs, ideas and concerns will feed into the ongoing development of Veta Neo and the ever-improving student experience

How does it work?

  1. Your school or church signs a Licensed Provider Agreement
  2. You appoint a Veta Neo local coordinator
  3. Access to the online learning platform is provided to relevant students and teachers
  4. We provide the training, materials and support for you to deliver the program.

Think Veta Neo could help your young people?

Contact your Local State Coordinator or complete the enquiry form to arrange a chat and find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Veta Neo fit in the timetable?

Veta Youth is committed to working with you to find the best way to implement Veta Neo in your context.  That said, several models are possible including:

School Groups
  • Christian Religious Education/Christian Studies: Veta Neo can be implemented as your Christian Studies program, for the whole student group or opt-in
  • Elective Program: Veta Neo fits well within ‘inquiry-based’ and cross-curricular learning areas and matches against outcomes in the National Curriculum
  • Extra-Curricular: Veta Neo can be offered as an opt-in activity with peer-groups meeting during class-time (similar to elective music) or outside of school hours
Church Groups
  • Small-group/discipleship resource: Veta Neo is a complete ‘package’ of curriculum, leadership-support and combined events that releases you to focus on meaningful relationships and helping students make sense of their fragmented world. It can be delivered in any time and location allocated for student meetings.
Where do we find the money?

Veta Youth is committed to working with you to ensure that Christian discipleship is accessible and affordable.  Some options include:

  • Parent Fees: Parents will normally expect to pay the per-student fee as this covers costs directly incurred in delivering the student experience. Some families may also contribute towards the service fee
  • Global Budget: It is normal for Christian agencies to include the Christian nurture of students as a core priority within their budget
  • External Funding: Organisations and individuals may contribute towards Veta fees and student-scholarships
  • School/Church Partnerships: Churches and schools may partner together to ameliorate the cost impact on families
What if we only have a small group of students?

Veta Neo can be delivered with as few as three students and one leader. That said, smaller groups are encouraged to reach out to new students by:

  • Welcoming newcomers including those ‘dipping their toe in’
  • Reproducing Peer Groups at different times and locations
  • Working together with other Christian groups to share resources and bring students together eg. Churches in a local area, denomination or network.
  • Partnering with a local school to offer Veta Neo as a CRE option or after school, extra-curricular activity

Whatever your starting-point, Veta Youth will work with you to establish an effective, sustainable ministry for young people in your local context.

Where do we find Peer Group Supervisors?

Peer Group Supervisors come from all ages and stages of life – from their late teens right up to their sixties and beyond. Many have led peer groups for over ten years.

They are simply Christian people with a mature faith and a love for young people.

Being equipped through Veta Neo curriculum and support to disciple youth and see an outworking of genuine faith means leaders are much more likely to sign up in the first place, remain motivated, and then stay for the long haul.  They may be:

  • Staff –teachers, ministers, youth ministers, chaplains and support staff
  • Volunteers – parents, youth leaders, church members
  • Interns/Students – university students, Veta Morphus graduates and even current Veta Morphus students can lead Veta Neo Peer Groups.

Veta Neo takes the pressure off teachers and leaders, allowing them to make the most of their precious time with young people.


There are two parts to the pricing. This includes a Service Fee and a Per Participant Fee.

Service Fee

Per Participant Fee

(the first 5 students are included in the service fee)

6 -20 participants

  • Leader training and support
  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Administration

50-85 participants

86-99 Students: No Additional Charge
  • Leader training and support
  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Administration

*‘Participants’ includes any students or Peer Group Supervisors enrolled in the Neo experience, apart from the group coordinator. Costs for any additional camp or award experiences are not included in this fee.

How to get started

Sign up as a Veta Neo Provider:

  1. Complete the Veta Neo Licensed Provider Agreement
  2. Contribute the relevant fee towards the student experience
  3. Meet with your Veta Neo Coordinator to develop your implementation plan

Implement Veta Neo:

  • Schedule a recommended 60-90 minute per-week peer group meeting time
  • Appoint Peer Group Supervisor/s
  • Enrol students
  • Partner with Veta Youth to take students on a genuine journey of faith in Jesus

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