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Rohan Waters

Rohan Waters

Executive Director

I was caught up with Veta right at the very start when a group of youth leaders came together with a desire to see young people growing in the Christian life and shining the light of Jesus in their world.  Looking back now, we all see this as a move of the Holy Spirit that we were privileged to be a part of. That was way back in 2003 and I simply haven’t been able to leave.  I am just as excited about this mission as when it started and, unless God says something different, am here for the long haul.

My passion is to train, equip, encourage and empower Christian people in families, churches and schools to nurture young people in the Christian life with confidence, passion, skill and joy.

My hope for the future is summed up in Veta’s mission – authentic Christian learning for young people everywhere.

I’m blessed with a beautiful wife and three children and I love being with them, having friends around for meals and doing the normal day-to-day things. I keep in shape paddling my surf ski, taking our dog for a run and swimming in our local beach (when it’s not too cold!).  My kids say I like boring books (theology and philosophy!) and having nana naps on a Sunday afternoon!  I call them ‘power naps’.

Ben Evers

Ben Evers

State Coordinator Victoria

.Name: Ben Evers

Job Title: State Co-ordinator, Victoria

I had heard some amazing stories of the transformation in young people’s lives through Veta and saw it myself through our peer group last year, so when the opportunity came up to to be involved I jumped at it…and haven’t looked back!

I have dedicated much of my life to helping young people grow strong in their faith & character, to see them really explore Jesus, the Christian faith and their own lives with intentional nurturing and support.

Veta provides opportunities for young people to develop into strong, thriving adults and followers of Jesus, so in the future I simply hope that more young people can have access to those same opportunities. I would also love to see a growing movement of passionate young people who think, speak and love like Jesus did, here and around the world.

When I am not working with Veta, I mostly love to spend time with my wonderful wife Michelle, our four kids, Seth, Hannah, Toby and Josh and our adventurous puppy Marley. I also work as a personal trainer and enjoy reading inspiring books.

I play the drums as often as I have a chance, really enjoy watching good movies, drinking great coffee or going to the footy (AFL) with friends or family. I am also privileged to be part of our amazing church family here in Berwick.

Peter Eckermann

Peter Eckermann

State Coordinator South Australia

I consider it a privilege to share the journey of Christian growth with young people and their mentors. This has been a significant part of my life’s calling. My passion is to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the heart of a generation of young people and see young people be all they can be in Christ.

My hope for the future is to see more young people have access to a Veta course so they can personally experience the transformation in life and faith associated with our courses.

Outside of Veta I am an enthusiastic Limousin cattle breeder on our small farm at Korunye, just north of Adelaide. My family, wife Angie and our children, Jacob, Calum, Phoebe and Issac are a source of inspiration and constantly lift me up.

Brendan Jaensch

Brendan Jaensch

NSW & QLD State Coordinator

I first was introduced to Veta some years ago when I was living in South Australian and helped to establish it there. While in Sydney at a bible college I received a call that Veta was looking to expand into NSW. This resonated with me and I knew it was the next step for me. I haven’t looked back since. The evidence of God at work in Veta and the part I play within its story, has been clear every step of the way.

Over the years, God has opened doors of opportunity to be part of equipping the next generation. I love the mutual growth that comes from supporting young people in their Christian growth. I think I learn just as much from them as they do from me. I believe young people have the opportunity to reframe what the church looks like in the world. The way they unite from various backgrounds and traditions is inspiring.

My hope for the future is to see more young people engage with authentic Christian learning. We live in an incredible country which allows us to explore faith without persecution. To see more young people take their Christian growth to the next levelthrough Veta, I believe will bear great fruit into the future.

I have quite the passion and zest for life. I keep healthy through regular gym training and a good diet. I’m involved in my local church in the core creative teams overseeing drama, taking producer roles for large events and serving alongside some of the most influential people I have met. I’m also involved with Arts Chaplaincy. People are my main passion and nothing excites me more than to catch up with friends, grow teams at church, meet new people. I’m a great advocate of the saying ‘your best is yet to come’.

Colleen Andretzke

Colleen Andretzke

Admin Officer

When Veta Youth developed in to a Nation Wide organisation, I had a Godly knowing that I was to work on administration for the organisation and a peace that he would provide. God has been faithful in every way.

My passion is to see young people’s transformed in everyday life, work, relationships and in discovering new ways to serve. I love seeing this happen as part of their education and know how important good administration is in making that happen. But most of all, I am deeply interested in young people developing a personal relationship with Jesus.

In the future I hope to see the involvement of a larger community in the lives of these young people, whether it be encouraging them, mentoring them, leading and guiding them, supporting them financially and ministering to them. From this I also hope to see good and prolific fruit as young people lead revival around the world.

When I am not working I love to use my creative side. This includes making handmade greeting cards and spending time creatively journaling on God’s Word. I also love to encourage others through the cards, mentoring, hanging out with friends and welcoming new people in to the church family I attend.

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Our National Team works directly with schools and churches across Australia and beyond to equip their leaders and mentors, provide tools and frameworks and the necessary admin support to deliver an authentic experience of Christian learning for young people wherever they are!

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