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You don’t want to be entertained, you want to be engaged. You want much more than a surface level faith. You want to be involved with a group of people who ‘get you’ and who will help you to develop a life of substance and meaning. That’s where WE come in!

Whether you were raised in a Christian home, or you’re just exploring faith for the first time, Veta invites you to jump in and experience God for yourself. We give you the space to use your intelligence to seek the truth, to test out the Christian faith in real life, to look deeply into the Bible and to meet like minded friends who also want to know God and live life to the full.

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Our Programs

Veta Youth offers three programs to inspire and encourage you as you pursue passion and explore the Christian faith:
Veta Neo (Year 7-10) and Veta Morphus or Veta Together (Year 11 & 12).

These courses can be run by your school or church. Ask us how!

Experience deeper faith with school credit

Veta Morphus is a Christian course you can take in year 11 or 12 that contributes to your year 12 result (how good is that!).

Your faith and identity in Christ are central to who you are. Join like-minded friends as you seek to know God and live out His good purposes in you.

Year 12 can be a challenging time, but with Christian friends, support and space in your week to seriously invest in your Christian life, Veta Morphus makes all the difference. Here’s what you can expect:

Ministry Placement

This is faith in action. Choose where you want to serve, whether at school, your church or in the wider community.

Peer Groups

Meet weekly with a small group of peers and a leader with a focus on seeking truth, friendship and engaging with the Bible.


One on one mentors who provide you with support and guidance. 


Come together with young people from across the state for transformational experiences of friendship, challenge, growth and connection with God. 

Bible Engagement

Learn different ways to participate in the story of God and develop a real hunger for it.

Christian Community

There’s something amazing about the community of believers. Be part of something bigger.

I honestly had no idea what Veta Morphus was, but it sounded pretty cool… Good thing I went for it because without it, I don’t know if I would be as strong in my faith as I am now. It was a huge experience being a 17yr old and being with others the same age from all over the state all desiring the same thing. It’s heaps of fun, and you get to go deep with God. Nothing beats that!

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Yohan Madduma

Past Student (Vetaren), Lighthouse Christian College

If you’re in years 7-10 at school, then Veta Neo is for you.

Veta Neo is an opportunity for you to be your best in every area of life as you:

Explore the Christian faith: Learn to read the Bible for yourself, ask questions and put it into practice in real life.

Connect with friends and mentors: Discuss real issues, have fun, encourage each other and build each other up.

Challenge yourself to grow: Set and achieve goals, try out new things, experience adventure 

How does it work?

Students connect weekly with a group of friends and mentors to complete a series of Bible Journeys (with weekly Bible workshops and in-depth projects), as well as a series of group and/or individual challenges including:

Mission – Sharing God’s love with the world

Action – Caring for your body as a gift from God

Devotion – Using your gifts and talents to glorify God

Encounter – Experiencing God through creation

Students receive a series of awards culminating in Australia’s top youth award, the Queen’s Badge.

Veta Neo leads directly into Veta Morphus which means you can continue your course right through high-school with credit towards your year 12.

Veta Neo can be run as part of your church youth group or at your school. . It’s a great way to go deeper with God and develop life-long friendships.

If this is something you’re interested in and think it would work for you and your school or youth group, share this information with your youth pastor or school chaplain to discuss further.

Are you ready?

If Veta Morphus is what you’re looking for,here’s what you need to do:

If your school or church is already registered with Veta Youth:

Simply choose Veta Morphus as a VET course through your school.
You’ll also need to enrol with Veta Youth here.

If you’d like to have Veta Morphus offered at your school or church:

Contact your local Veta Youth State coordinator or complete the enquiry form below.

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