For Churches

Veta Youth was birthed by a group of youth ministry leaders, so we understand your desire to see your young people engaged and hungry to know God and truly live the christian life.

We partner with you to support young people in their journey of Christian life, faith and service. Veta builds on the foundation of your church and youth ministry to empower, encourage and equip them as they grow to be all that God has created them to be.

This generation is not looking to be entertained

Would you like to:

  • better engage young people in your church.
  • build genuine relationships
  • foster more meaningful experiences?

This is not another short course

Veta will support you to;

  • develop committed and capable leaders who feel supported, empowered and genuinely cared for
  • have a defined purpose and long term view for your youth
  • deliver consistency and lasting growth for students regardless of changes in your leadership team..

Our Programs

We have two main programs your church may consider depending on the ages and needs of your young people.

Veta Neo – for Years 7 to 10

Veta Morphus for Years 11 and 12


Work within school commitments

Don’t let this busy stage of life stop your youth from engaging in their faith and church community. Veta Morphus is actually a VET course that counts as a year 12 subject. Your church can become a registered Provider and support your Christian growth while building connections with the local schools your youth attend.

Honour your faith traditions

Veta Morphus has successfully worked in all major Christian denominations because of its focus on the Bible and adaptability to honour your faith traditions. We provide the framework to be shaped to the particular denomination or context you’re in.

Support when they need it most

Year 11 and 12 can be a challenging time. Through Veta Morphus you can offer space in your young people’s week to connect with other believers, be mentored and encouraged to live out their faith. This will make all the difference.

engage your young people

Veta Neo works perfectly as a small group option that can be run in conjunction with your ‘Friday night’ youth group, or even as an alternative. Veta Neo invites all to jump in and experience God for themselves, with a focus on engaging young people to think intelligently, engage deeply with the Bible, and build strong relationships.

Have a long term vision

Youth Leaders are often left to “wing it” which can be hard without an overall vision. Veta Neo provides a structure and framework for curriculum from year 7 to 10. You can effectively take young people
on a journey and provide consistency especially when leaders/teachers inevitably come and go.

Support your leaders

Having the big picture, and the steps and tools to implement it takes the pressure off leaders and teachers, allowing them to make the most of the precious time available with their young people. Veta Youth offers training, ongoing support, resources and ways to connect with other Veta leaders.

We continue to see fruit in the lives of many young people through authentic Christian learning, and believe every young person should be given every opportunity to develop fully in every part of life: physically, academically, socially and spiritually.

For further information about how we can partner alongside you to support your young people’s Christian walk, get in touch with our incredible team.

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