Student Enrolment for Veta Morphus and Veta Together

Enrolment Form 2018

Enrolments for Veta Youth 2018 are now open.

This is the Veta Youth enrolment form for 2018

This online form can be used to enrol for:

Veta Morphus – Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology (10432NAT) OR
Veta Together – Certificate II in Active Volunteering (CHC204015)

Please note the following:

This form should be completed by the student and Parent/Guardian/Caregiver together.

There are three steps to your enrolment application:

  1. Read and agree with the commitments within the Student Handbook and then enrol.
  2. Complete the online enrolment information below and submit.
  3. Following the submission, you and your Parent/Guardian/Caregiver will be required to PRINT off a form and sign and return it to Veta Youth. You can print the Enrolment Form to sign once you have pressed SUBMIT. You will also receive an emailed version of the Enrolment Form to sign if you wish to print it at a later time.

Enrolment is not complete until we received the SIGNED form.

This enrolment form is for either Veta Morphus Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology (10432NAT) or Veta2gether Certificate II in Active Volunteering (CHC24015)

Course cost for Veta Morphus 2018 is $1895.00* per student or $1545 if the Peer Group Supervisor Fee is not applicable. Please contact your school and/or church to find out the actual fee you will be charged. This is important as your school or church may be able to provide a subsidy if they are notified as early as possible.

The cost for Veta Together in 2018 is $1645.00, or $1295.00 if the Peer Group Supervisor Fee is not applicable. Please contact your school and/or church to find out the actual fee you will be charged. This is important as your school or church may be able to provide a subsidy if they are notified as early as possible.

If you exit from this online enrolment process prior to submitting the form, your data will not be saved

If you have already submitted this form previously, DO NOT complete and submit this form a second time. Email all corrections or questions to

You will need to have your Unique Student Identifier (USI) to begin the process. For more information and to obtain a USI, please refer to this website.

If you have previously submitted this form DO NOT submit again. Contact

Veta Student Enrolment Form 2018

Please make a selection.

Contact details

*Compulsory fields.
Note: Please enter the students full name ensuring that it matches your name as recorded with your school as part of your Senior Secondary School Certificate. This should also match your Birth Certificate, Passport or similar document. Do not use shortened or preferred names in Surname and Given Names boxes.

Unique Student Identifier required.

*Your school will not provide a Unique Student Identifier so YOU will need to go to this web site and apply for one yourself

Surname required.
Name required.
Name required.

Please make a selection.

A value is required.
Address required.

Parent/Guardian/Caregivers details

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In the case of an emergency, the first point of contact will be the Parent/Guardian/Caregiver provided above. Please provide one Extra Emergency Contact
(in addition to parent)

Additional student information

Country of birth required.
Language spoken at home is required.

Do you authorise Veta Youth to use photographs or video footage of you for the purpose of future advertising and Veta Youth promotion?

*If you have selected "No", you will be unable to be included in any official Veta Youth photographs or video. It is your responsibility to make your wishes known to the photographer, Peer Group Supervisor and State Coordinator.

Student health information

(please email additional information to

If you have a Medical Action Plan you will need to supply this with the signed part of the enrolment process.

Please make a selection.

Students Educational background


Veta Hoodie

Veta Hoodies will be available to purchase in 2018. For those wishing to purchase a Veta Youth Hoodie, information and access to a website will be provided for prepurchasing. Price will be confirmed and access to the website will be made available in February/March 2018. Hoodies will be delivered at Retreat 2.

Conditions of submission of this information:
Information sent via this web site will be via standard unencrypted email form unless otherwise stated. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. We cannot give an absolute assurance that the information you provide will be secure at all times. You accordingly do so at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal information.

Terms and Conditions of Submitting this enrolment
Student must agree to the following:

  • I have read and agree to everything in the Student Handbook including the Student Agreement in Appendix A
  • I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy of Veta Youth Ltd
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to advise my school that I have enrolled in this course and to arrange for any school/government subsidies which may be available.
    Ensure you give the information contained in Appendix C (Veta Together) or Appendix D (Veta Morphus) of the Student Handbook to assist with this process
  • This is the first time I have used this enrolment form.

Parents must agree to the following:

We, Parent/Guardian/Caregiver and Student agree to the terms and conditions of enrolment.

Tick the box.

Upon submission of this enrolment application a print friendly form will be available for you to immediately print and sign. You will also receive an email of this form which you may print at a later time. In order to complete the enrolment, please print, sign and return the form immediately to Veta Youth Ltd.
If you have not received the email within 1 hour OR You find that you have made a mistake filling out the form contact and we will need to change the information for you!

This form will not be submitted if all required fields are not completed.
When you press submit you will go to a Print Friendly page with the details you have submitted. You will also receive an email with the same information. Print whichever is convenient, sign and send this form to Veta Youth in the one of following ways:

  1. Scan and email to or
  2. Photograph and email to or
  3. Photograph and text to 0407330770 or
  4. Post hard copy to Veta Youth Ltd., PO Box 1175, Pasadena SA 5042

^This qualification is provided through Australian Centre for Advanced Studies Inc. RTO #50392ACAS